How to How to Stay Warm in My RV While Winter Camping in a 2018 Airstream Basecamp X

Discover how to set yourself up for a cozy, relaxing winter camping trip in the 2018 Airstream Basecamp X.

Airstream Basecamp Repairs & Warranty Work

July 2018 Purchased my 2018 Airstream Basecamp brand new. January 2019 No heat or hot water -required a complete replacement of the Truma Combi Eco Plus unit. Solar control panel stopped working – completely replaced Solar panels were no longer charging the batteries – found to be a loose connection from when the panel was replaced. Piece of exterior black trim was coming loose – applied additional 3M tape Sharp metal barb on bathroom door – was removed and sanded down Minor front window leak – gaps in the sealant were resealed Minor rear door leak – bulb seal was…