How to How to Stay Warm in My RV While Winter Camping in a 2018 Airstream Basecamp X

Probably one of the biggest concerns about winter camping in an RV is how to stay warm. Over the years, Jasper and I have camped in all sorts of weather, including in the snow and spending overnight outside when the temperatures have gotten down to the teens. During those trips, we learned a few tips and tricks to keep the heat inside and make the Airstream Basecamp X more comfortable for all temperatures.

Technically speaking, the Airstream Basecamp X isn’t considered a four-seasons trailer, but it still does extremely well in the cold. As you can imagine, though, heat is critical because it not only keeps your interior warmer, but it also helps to keep the water in the lines from freezing. Still, there is a known concern about the Airstream Basecamp X where condensation can get behind the thermostat making it impossible to turn it on or off. In the video, I show you my workaround that can get that thermostat back up and running without using electricity. 

Condensation isn’t just a problem behind the thermostat though. As you’re filling the Basecamp with heat from your body temperature or cooking, and you’re inside for a while, it can get pretty stuffy. You’ll want to find a way to dehumidify your rig. If you’re camping for a longer period of time, you might want to bring a dehumidifier. But, if you’re at your spot for a week or less, simply cracking open the front window will do the trick. 

There’s a lot to keep in mind when winter camping — a lot more than will fit in this blog post. Check out the video for even more tips and tricks to make your upcoming winter camping trip in the Airstream Basecamp X more comfortable for you and even your dog.

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