How To Make Money While Traveling in an RV with @1StrangeAdventure

Curious how to make money while traveling in an RV? This digital nomad couple gives us the details on how they took their full time jobs on the road, how they access the internet from their RV as well as how their children attend high school.

How to have Internet on the Road for a Full-Time Corporate Job

I’m often asked what I do for a living. Many people assume I blog or earn money online like many RV Entrepreneurs do. Or perhaps have some sort of sponsorship. Instead, I have a “normal” corporate, 9-5 job! I started working in an office cubicle over 7 years ago for a large insurance company. At that time, it took three years to earn the ability to transfer to a remote work opportunity. As soon as I could, I took this option so I could stop fighting Charlotte traffic every day. After moving to Austin and working 100% remote for almost…