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Solo Female Travel  |  Adventure Dog & Cat  |  Full-Time RV Living


Our Story:

I used to sit in my work cubicle and just dream of my next vacation and what new places to visit.  After several years with my company, I was able to become a full-time remote worker.  This provided the opportunity to traditionally move around the country and I went from Central New York, to Charlotte NC, and then to Austin TX.  Somewhere I stumbled across travel podcasts, #vanlife, and online blogs of full-time RVers.  After binge listening to The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided I had to give this nomadic lifestyle a try.

2017 was a year of downsizing and trial & error to make my dream of full-time travel a reality.  I sold all of my furniture and more than half of my belongings.  In pursuing the #vanlife, I purchased a 2001 Class B RV.  Unfortunately, after many unforeseen maintenance issues, I decided to sell the RV less than a month after buying it.

Determined to still hit the road full-time, I packed up the 4Runner, donated what couldn’t fit, and began staying in AirBnBs throughout the country.  For eight months, I enjoyed exploring a new AirBnB every week, staying in some wonderful homes, and hearing amazing stories from extremely welcoming hosts.  This was an incredible way to travel the country and meet locals along the way.

After eight months of not having my own bed or kitchen, I decided it was time to move on to the next adventure!  With the purchase of a 16′ Airstream Basecamp, we’re now living the tiny life!  Jasper, Napoleon & I have lived in the Basecamp for almost two years now, and it has taken us to some beautiful places and protected us through all sorts of weather.  We are excited to have our own home again and plan to take it all over the continent to experience endless adventures together!

The Trio:


Jasper the Shepsky

Jasper was a roly-poly puppy when he was adopted at 8 weeks from a rescue in Detroit.  Growing up into a handsome, floppy-eared, GSD/Husky mix, he makes every day entertaining.  He loves to hike, eat out, chase flies, and tear sticks into tiny wood chips.  You can tell he’s had a good day when his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth.  He is trained in English, Icelandic and Bosnian (thanks to Cass’s indecisiveness).


Napoleon is a 13 year old adventure cat.  He camps, hikes and loves to hunt.  During our long road trips, he stares out the window and perks up every time we pass a tractor trailer.  Other than eating catnip, his favorite activity is cuddling.  He’s basically a living teddy bear.


Cass has always had a strong sense of wanderlust and spent years dreaming of all the amazing destinations there are to visit.  With her love for animals, she adopted two amazing rescues, ten years apart.  When a remote work position presented the opportunity to travel, she never thought twice about bringing Jasper & Napoleon with her.  With these amazing furry friends by her side, she finally took the leap and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.  She loves the outdoors, bacon, enjoying a good laugh, and touring this beautiful country – windows down and Jim Croce blaring on the radio!

Thank you!

We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to follow us on our adventures!  Thank you for visiting our page!

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  1. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous and just amazing that you live the lifestyle. I too am a nomad, well live in my travel trailer but honestly don’t travel much. Usually I’m just around Western Arizona but love this lifestyle, and just want to say congrats on getting away from the BS of life!

    1. Thank you Blaine! The nomad lifestyle is amazing, no matter how far you travel! Enjoy western AZ. I just left there not too long ago and loved how beautiful it was.

  2. Mark dicken

    Ur awesome!!! I’ve been thinking of this very setup, but not brave enough to take the plung (yet)! U r n inspiration!!!!

    1. Thank you, really appreciate that!! I love this setup. Has absolutely everything I could ask for!

  3. You are truly an inspiration to all! I am departing in my new Basecamp for wherever the path leads me north of Florida for about 4 months. Trying to determine how to reconfigure the bed/ couch combo to mirror what you did. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished your daytime setup?

    1. That’s amazing!! Congrats on taking off on such a fun journey! I got the idea for the split bed from a fellow Basecamp owner. If you join the Airstream Basecamp facebook group and search “bed conversion” he goes into all the details of how to do it. It’s very easy to do if you can get access to a saw. Have a safe journey!!

  4. Fantastic!!!

  5. Your journey is so uplifting. I love your style of story telling and your especially your style of travel. To be fulltiming in BC is so fantastic and incredible, but as I’m always reminded it’s not what your fulltiming in, it’s the passion you exude from your travels. I wish safe travels and amazing journeys.

    1. Thank you so much Nathan! Your words truly mean a lot.

  6. Can you do a blogpost on your telecommunications set up for work?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello! I have a post up about the internet access (https://tailsofwanderlust.com/2019/04/10/working-a-full-time-corporate-job-on-the-road/). Let me know what other info you would like and I can start working on it!

  7. Peter Morch

    I think it’s wonderful what you are doing and the enjoyment you derive from it. One question though. If you were travelling with a companion, would you still choose the Basecamp? If not, what would you choose based on the criteria you used for the Basecamp?

    1. Hi Peter! If I was traveling with a companion and still had the two animals, I would absolutely get something a bit bigger than the Basecamp. I haven’t done much research on larger RVs since my tow vehicle wouldn’t pull them, so I’m not sure which larger RVs would fit all of my criteria. But I do like Airstream due to how they hold their value and the more modern look, so would most likely look at ~25′ models. Otherwise some friends have an Outdoors RV which is great for boondocking and has very large tanks, so would look into those as well.

  8. Loved the YouTube tour of your BaseCamp – loved the Toyota setup to, it looks great together! I wanted to know if the BaseCamp can take winters out in Colorado for an extended snowboarding trip. It sounds like the propane lasts for quite a while – will that work in really cold areas where it can get into the teens?

    1. Hello! Winter camping takes additional planning and precautions, but you would be able to camp in the Basecamp in the teens using the 12V tank heaters and keeping the Truma on. I would recommend having electric hookups as the 12V can really drain the batteries.

  9. Deb Nelson

    Anazing! Kudos to you!

    I wd love to communicate personally if thats an option.

    1. Thank you! Feel free to drop us a note via the Contact tab, as that goes directly to my email.

  10. I plan on a cross country bike ride from st Augustine to San Diego. Buying a base camp x with all options with tent. Do you find air conditioner sufficient for warm nights and have Dodge Ram 1500 my problem towing?

    1. Your Dodge 1500 should have no problems towing at all! The AC has done a terrific job in the summer heat of Austin TX, so you should be fine. Just make sure you have electrical hookups to run it, or a generator. Safe travels!

  11. S. Coster

    Being a single female traveling alone do you ever worry about safety? I’m assuming Jasper is a good guard of the Basecamp. Do you choose locations based on good lighting or research on the internet first to find more reputable campsites? Just curious as I’m thinking about hitting the road someday soon.

    1. Great question! I am constantly aware of safety, but I don’t worry about it. For the most part you will meet amazing and friendly people on the road. Trust your gut. If the spot doesn’t feel right, find another. I use a few different apps to find spots and read the reviews to see how others felt. If there’s poor reviews I won’t go. You can also look into something like Harvest Hosts to stay in established places.

  12. Hey there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  13. I absolutely love your setup, and am planning to do the same very soon. If you had your choice, would you still go with the 4Runner or have you seen another vehicle that’s put a twinkle in your eye?
    Peace and love!

    1. Thank you! The only other vehicle I would consider is a Toyota Tundra. The larger pickup would provide more storage in the bed of the truck, as well as provide a larger engine for towing. However, it is much more expensive than the 4Runner and I haven’t had any issues towing with my current setup. So I would still make the same decision today if I was purchasing a vehicle.

  14. This is the best site ive been to in a looong time. Love your story!

    1. Thank you very much Jenn!! Really appreciate that!

  15. Lisa Dias

    Hi! I love following you on Instagram! I am looking int a BC for next year for a cross country trip with my daughter and my dog. I am looking forward to hearing more about water-saving tips while boon docking. Your feed is so positive and inspirational! Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you very much for such a kind comment! I’ll try to put some content out there on water saving tips. Thanks for following along!

  16. Love the peaceful lifestyle

    1. Thanks for commenting John!

  17. Did you give up on your YouTube channel?

    1. Hi John: I made the one video, then hadn’t continued due to the time commitment of making videos. I’m trying to work on a couple more right now, and hopefully will have them posted over the next month. Thanks for commenting!

  18. Hi Cass,

    Saw your video on YouTube where your presented the tour of your setup. Looks wonderful by the way. What would you say your expenses are annually? I know it varies but could you give us a ballpark figure. I am close to retiring and am thinking of the nomad lifestyle.

    1. Hi Ted! Thanks for commenting. It truly does vary based on the amount I am driving or the number of activities I sign up for (whitewater rafting and such). I’d say expenses are between $1000-$5000 per month depending on how much I travel and boondock. I’ll try to write up a more detailed post for the future!

  19. Cynthia Shipman

    Love you’re setup, fur babies and lifestyle. I am planning to travel cross country with my great dane mix, my horse and cat. Possibly my fish also. Love my Tahoe and horse trailer but may need to upgrade and not sure to what to keep my cat cool and secure. I am wondering how you got your cat used to travel and how to deal with hot vehicle and pets. Any tips.

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for commenting! Napoleon is a very laid back cat, so he was easy to transition. In the car rides, I bring treats or buy Jasper and Napoleon grilled chicken to snack on. This makes car rides more enjoyable. For Napoleon, I always make sure that his favorite bed is nearby so that he is comfortable and can sleep. As for a hot vehicle, I don’t leave them in the 4Runner, but will leave them in the Basecamp if I run to the store. I have a wifi thermometer which sends alerts to my phone, and also won’t leave them if the temperature is over 75.

  20. I enjoyed the presentation of your new life style.
    It takes courage to do what you do and, quite frankly it also takes lots of personal stamina, confidence in yourself, flexibility, adaptability and intelligence, really. I admire people that push the envelope and don’t sit around waiting for a change in their lives to happen; you make it happen, very proactively. Congratulations!
    Quick question, do you have any hobbies like photography, if so I like to see your posts.

    1. Hi Carlos! Thank you very much for the kind words! I do enjoy photography, but quite often I find I don’t carry my nice camera. For the most part I end up hiking or exploring with Jasper.

  21. Alicia Noemi Arabaciyan

    thank you so much for sharing. I feel a bit more sane. 🙂 What an amazing human! truly outstanding way to live life on your terms. Well done!

    1. Thank you very much Alicia!

  22. Elizabeth Escalante

    Your definitely inspiring me to hit the road! Planing a small trip with my four legged baby Remy… he loves to be in the car so I’m sure he would love to travel even if it’s not too far…. I can’t wait to read about all the beautiful places you been… take care out there!

    1. Hi Liz! Thank you very much for checking out our blog! Hope you and Remy have an amazing trip together!

  23. Tess Christine Jagusch

    You are amazing! I am a nurse and am just beginning the travel nurse life. I am originally from Alaska and spent most of my childhood outdoors. I have become so disappointed in the last few years with my lack of connection to the outdoors, and have just put down the down payment on the basecamp to begin the travel nursing life via RV:) I have a dog and a cat as well and your blog inspires me! Not looking forward to being in such close proximity to the cat poops but for the rest of it, you really can’t beat it! Wishing you well and please keep sharing your invaluable tips!

    1. Haha your comment on the cat poops made me laugh. I keep dog poop bags in the RV, and scoop up anything Napoleon leaves behind before he can smell up the whole place! Congrats on putting down the deposit, I’m excited to hear that you are getting back in touch with the outdoors. Hopefully see you down the road someday!

  24. Two streeter

    I’ve been the nomad in my family for my whole life (not on your scale to be sure). Small boat is my passion. I’m very interested how you handle residence and official address. It has kept me dual living for years. License, insurance, voting, and mail all seem to present a problem.

    1. That’s a great question! I am a Texas resident. If you check out the Escapees’ website, they have some great tips & tools for determining residency.

  25. I saw a video on Youtube you were featured in called 30 and a Wake Up (Solo female full time RV living).. I like the minimalist lifestyle but would prefer a small off grid house to “wheel” estate. I think your rig is really nice though. I would imagine that is a lonely lifestyle though. You have Jasper and Napoleaon, but I hope you are ok.

    1. Thank you very much for your concern! Over the course of traveling, I’ve worked to grow a community of friends who also travel. I’m not always traveling alone and tend to find a very good balance of solo travel versus group travel. It doesn’t have to be lonely out on the road at all!

  26. Pedro Diaz

    I just saw a video of you, Casper and Napoleón and it blew my mind! I can only imagine the sights, sounds, aromas, breeze, meals and people you have encountered along your travels. I have always enjoyed road travel, but last year I got the bug to nomad travel or overland. This whole virus situation messed with everything, plus the fact that I live in a country with a very diminished democracy and many other serious issues, but very beautiful geography. Watching you and your team, set up and acomodations hyped me up! Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much for such kind words Pedro! Hope you are able to get out there and explore someday, all while remaining safe and healthy!

  27. Beryl Varno

    Hello Cass! I just saw your video. This is my dream as well. I’m working toward that by researching, taking road trips, and generally manifesting what I want. I celebrate your adventurous nature. Perhaps I’lll see you on the road in the future. Happy trails with your four legged friends. B

    1. Thanks Beryl! Hopefully see you out on the road someday!

  28. do you know what your total payload in the basecamp? What year and model is your 4runner? How well does it do towing the the basecamp? We are looking into an enclosed cargo trailer conversion 7’x14′ keeping trailer payload around 3000lbs and want to know how it feels towing the basecamp? Does the basecamp have trailer brakes?

    1. I have never weighed my Basecamp to see exactly what it is, but GVW is 3500 lbs. I have the 2018 TRD Off-Road version of the 4Runner, and it does very well towing! Yes, the Basecamp does have brakes, and I installed a brake controller into the 4Runner to attach to them.

  29. Patrice K. Madrigal

    Hi Cass.!
    I saw somewhere your configuration for the bed. Today I ordered my basecamp 16X. I was interested in how you did the bed part but I can’t find where you had that. Can you guide me towards that part of your page.? Thank you!

    1. Hi Patrice! I unfortunately don’t have that on my page yet. I’ll try to make a video shortly of how I did that. Otherwise, if you join the Airstream Basecamp Facebook group, others have posts with pictures and measurements of how to cut the bed boards.

      1. Patrice K. Madrigal

        Thank you. I actually have joined the group and am loving it there. I know when our BC arrives we will spend plenty of time trying to figure our what works for us too. Thanks again.

  30. Hi Cass. Thank you for adopting a rescue dog. We sure do love all the ones we’ve adopted!

    1. Thanks John! Rescues are the best!

  31. Your proof of courage, strength and tenacity can work for anyone. I think it’s great your intelligence, enthusiasm and creativity goes perfectly with your beauty. Hope to meet you on the road

    1. Thank you very much, I truly appreciate that!

  32. On your job, what’s the toughest work related thing to do? I assume you always need Internet and spend 8 hours/day? Didn’t know if you needed a printer or computer with large display as extra.

    1. I am in meetings majority of the day and typically work ~ 9 hour days. The hardest part is determining the best office setup within the Basecamp. I’ve gone through many so far and keep trying new ones.

  33. Also, on the basecamp, what power source besides solar panels? Is there a large battery on board or hookup to your truck alternator. What’s the largest power draw you have? Heater at night or hot water or cooktop?

    1. I have two Battle Born batteries on board for a total of 200A. Solar is my main way to charge the batteries, as I don’t carry a generator. My biggest draw is charging both of my laptops and in the winter time the heat.

  34. Juan Sanmarco

    Hi Cass, I just watched the video where you introduce us to your Airstream Basecamp RV and it was great!
    I’m trying to jump into a similar journey but my main concern is about internet connectivity. I am a software architect and my job requires to be online almost 7×24 and having a decent wifi connection. I’m guessing that by being a process consultant you may have gone through similar requirements. How are you dealing with this?

    1. Hi Juan! I have a basic internet setup for the road which consists of a Verizon & AT&T hotspot. You can find out more info on that here: https://tailsofwanderlust.com/2019/04/10/working-a-full-time-corporate-job-on-the-road/. There are much fancier setups to guarantee an even better connection, but so far I haven’t needed to do that.

  35. Hi Cass, I just watched the video where you introduce us to your Airstream Basecamp RV and it was great!
    I’m trying to jump into a similar journey but my main concern is about internet connectivity. I am a software architect and my job requires to be online almost 7×24 and having a decent wifi connection. I’m guessing that by being a process consultant you may have gone through similar requirements. How are you dealing with this?

  36. Chris Arbuckle

    Thanks for the great informative site. My wife and I are about embark on retirement traveling!! We luckily found an Airstream Basecamp 16X on the showroom floor of a dealer a couple states away and were able to bring it home. Feel proud, we shamelessly stole several of your best ideas under $25 and warmed up our new BC16x perfectly. Can’t wait to head out ourselves and looking forward to future updates on your site. Best travels!

    1. Congrats on the new Basecamp and on retirement!! I hope you both have amazing adventures and make some great memories on your travels. Really glad to hear the blog post was helpful!

  37. Pricessa

    Thinking of getting one for me and Buddy my black feral rescue. Question- is there a way to lock the baseball when you are out hiking so it cannot be stolen. I noticed that you are sometimes in isolated areas where you’re by yourself I like to hike I like to go off even in situations when you’re in a campground it’s an expensive piece of equipment and I have thought of someone backing up to it with a hitch while I’m gone and just driving away with it is there a way to prevent that some sort of lock for the wheels or Etc thank you appreciate it

    1. Hi! Yes, I have a hitch lock on the Basecamp. It is a deterrent, as no hitch lock is 100% effective. I also have a GPS tracker hidden inside.

  38. Kirk Tinsley

    YouTube did me a huge favor when your videos started popping up. It’s a dream of mine to pack up my wife and our dog and search out the natural beauty of North America full time. We just can’t at the moment due to family responsibilities. But it’s a dream I fully intend to make reality.
    Watching your cooking videos have convinced me I can get by with the right camper kitchen setup. I’ve narrowed my choices down to an Alto, Basecamp or perhaps a T@b.
    We hope to run into you somewhere down the road!

    1. Amazing to hear, thank you! Really glad you are enjoying the videos. Hopefully see you on the road someday!

  39. Hi – do you wash your Basecamp at a carwash?

    1. Hi Paula! I very rarely wash it. If I do, I go to the self-serve carwash where I can spray it down.

  40. Leonard Maughan

    I just stumbled on your videos and find them enjoyable. Your travel companions are great – I couldn’t have picked better ones (aside from my own Sheltie)… I envy your remote work status! I wish I could do what you’re doing now…
    When I was traveling with my parents when I was a teen (seems like a hundred years ago) and we were pulling a19 foot trailer, I remember we had a load equalizing hitch – when you were describing the tongue weight on your Airstream and the max hitch weight your SUV was rated for, which made me wonder why you don’t have a load equalizer for your setup?

    1. Hi Leonard! So glad you are enjoying the videos and thank you for watching! I don’t have a weight distribution hitch as there is debate as to whether or not the 4Runner hitch is compatible with one. If I ever switch vehicles, I would absolutely look into one.

  41. Sage McCann

    I just read your list of repairs – I have a Basecamp 20x on order but I’m a little nervous. This will be my first RV; I usually just backpack and camp in the backcountry. Were you disappointed by all of the repairs?

    1. Hi Sage – It was definitely growing pains with the Basecamp where I had to get things fixed when I first started to use it. I think it’s very common for new RVs. Now things to be going much better that the growing pains are out of the way. I would recommend joining the Facebook groups for the 20x as that will probably provide a lot of insight into any issues.

  42. Clarissa

    Hi Cass, Before I found your site I had never heard of boondocking. My husband and I love to travel, but have always stayed in hotels (pet friendly for our two dogs!). The RV lifestyle never appealed to us because we had only seen those campgrounds where rv’s were right next to each other, outdoor TV’s and radios blaring. Yuk! Then I saw how you boondock. Wow! You have inspired us, and we are planning on ordering a Basecamp 20x. In the 12 – 15 months that we will be waiting for it we plan to learn as much as possible! We watched all of your videos. At some point, could you please make a video showing how to unhook and set up? We’d like to know how you put those blocks under the tires in place, and how you make sure things are level, etc. Thanks!!
    p.s. I hope that your eyes are feeling better!!!!

    1. Hi Clarissa!! Yes, I will absolutely work on a video about unhitching and setting up camp. It is a bit intimidating at first, but definitely much easier once you get used to it and not hard at all. Congrats on the future Basecamp and hope they can hurry up production!!

  43. Peter Creates

    Thanks for sharing all the tips and your trips. Have pick up lots of ideas! Always felt I am on the journey with you when ever I watch your video, you have a way to that, great youtubing. I am convinced and will pick up base camp x.

    1. Thank you so much Peter! So glad you are enjoying the videos!

  44. Bart Karwacki

    Do you ever have to visit the home office where you work? Along the same lines do you ever get “dressed up”.

    1. I have to go into the office maybe once a year or every other year. Thankfully not too often.

  45. Do you use or have any recommendations satellite phones? So enjoy your youtube videos… thank you.

    1. Hi Tom – I use the Garmin InReach Explorer. If you’re interested in my hiking gear, I’m working to set up an Amazon storefront with it all: https://www.amazon.com/shop/tailsofwanderlust. Thanks for commenting!

  46. Remote work is our future and I am very happy about it. Maybe someone doesn’t like it as much as I do, but isn’t it great to jump into your trailer, take horses and go explore the world?! Perfect

  47. Cass, My wife and I have watched almost all of your Youtube shows. We have learned a lot and thank you for you insight. We have purchased a 2022 Basecamp 16X and are trying to decide if we need Lithium batteries. We are in our 70’s and will not be using it like you do, but plan to be out lots. As you know , it is very expensive to convert. The question is, “Do you thing it’s worth spending that amount of money giving our situation?” Thank you.

    1. So glad to hear you are enjoying the videos! Before I can really recommend them or not, I have a question on how you plan to use the Basecamp. Will you be in campgrounds mostly or boondocking? Will you be working from the RV at all, and roughly how long do you think your trips will be?

      1. Jack lowman

        I’m 6ft 6. 240 lbs. will I fit solo in base camp. Just wondering?

      2. I don’t think you’ll be able to stand up straight in the 16x. The 20x does have larger ceilings though.

      3. Thanks for getting back. We plan to be using the Basecamp two or three months at a time. We plan to stay on Federal land as much as possible, but we live in the East. However, to trip to Utah is part of our plan. We will not be doing any work while through the internet, but will be staying in contact with others while on the road. We are looking into getting a Jetpack Hotspot to help with our connectivity.

        Thanks again for your assistance. Love your postings.
        Woody Stocks

      4. Hi Woody – For such long trips, yes the lithium would make life a lot easier for boondocking and you would greatly reduce the need for worrying about power. However, it sounds like you may not be drawing too much power from your use, so I would recommend taking the Basecamp out for a shorter trip (weekend or week-long) and testing out how much power you use with the stock AGM batteries. You could even give this a try in your driveway. If you don’t find you use too much power, you may be able to go without lithium and save the money. If money is no object, I would highly recommend the lithium.

  48. Thank you for your quick response. I have been running the AGM’s on the weekend and have decided that the lithiums will remove some stress from us. Now we are looking at your internet videos for more information. As you can guess, we are not real techie, but getting there.

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