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Our Story:

I used to sit in my work cubicle and just dream of my next vacation and what new places to visit.  After several years with my company, I was able to become a full-time remote worker.  This provided the opportunity to traditionally move around the country and I went from Central New York, to Charlotte NC, and then to Austin TX.  Somewhere I stumbled across travel podcasts, #vanlife, and online blogs of full-time RVers.  After binge listening to The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided I had to give this nomadic lifestyle a try.

2017 was a year of downsizing and trial & error to make my dream of full-time travel a reality.  I sold all of my furniture and more than half of my belongings.  In pursuing the #vanlife, I purchased a 2001 Class B RV.  Unfortunately, after many unforeseen maintenance issues, I decided to sell the RV less than a month after buying it.

Determined to still hit the road full-time, I packed up the 4Runner, donated what couldn’t fit, and began staying in AirBnBs throughout the country.  For eight months, I enjoyed exploring a new AirBnB every week, staying in some wonderful homes, and hearing amazing stories from extremely welcoming hosts.  This was an incredible way to travel the country and meet locals along the way.

After eight months of not having my own bed or kitchen, I decided it was time to move on to the next adventure!  With the purchase of a 16′ Airstream Basecamp, we’re now living the tiny life!  Jasper, Napoleon & I have lived in the Basecamp for almost two years now, and it has taken us to some beautiful places and protected us through all sorts of weather.  We are excited to have our own home again and plan to take it all over the continent to experience endless adventures together!

The Trio:


Jasper the Shepsky

Jasper was a roly-poly puppy when he was adopted at 8 weeks from a rescue in Detroit.  Growing up into a handsome, floppy-eared, GSD/Husky mix, he makes every day entertaining.  He loves to hike, eat out, chase flies, and tear sticks into tiny wood chips.  You can tell he’s had a good day when his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth.  He is trained in English, Icelandic and Bosnian (thanks to Cass’s indecisiveness).


Napoleon is a 13 year old adventure cat.  He camps, hikes and loves to hunt.  During our long road trips, he stares out the window and perks up every time we pass a tractor trailer.  Other than eating catnip, his favorite activity is cuddling.  He’s basically a living teddy bear.


Cass has always had a strong sense of wanderlust and spent years dreaming of all the amazing destinations there are to visit.  With her love for animals, she adopted two amazing rescues, ten years apart.  When a remote work position presented the opportunity to travel, she never thought twice about bringing Jasper & Napoleon with her.  With these amazing furry friends by her side, she finally took the leap and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.  She loves the outdoors, bacon, enjoying a good laugh, and touring this beautiful country – windows down and Jim Croce blaring on the radio!

Thank you!

We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to follow us on our adventures!  Drop us a line if you questions, comments, or a great place for us to check out!  Thank you for visiting our page!

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  1. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous and just amazing that you live the lifestyle. I too am a nomad, well live in my travel trailer but honestly don’t travel much. Usually I’m just around Western Arizona but love this lifestyle, and just want to say congrats on getting away from the BS of life!

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    1. Thank you Blaine! The nomad lifestyle is amazing, no matter how far you travel! Enjoy western AZ. I just left there not too long ago and loved how beautiful it was.


  2. Mark dicken

    Ur awesome!!! I’ve been thinking of this very setup, but not brave enough to take the plung (yet)! U r n inspiration!!!!


    1. Thank you, really appreciate that!! I love this setup. Has absolutely everything I could ask for!


  3. You are truly an inspiration to all! I am departing in my new Basecamp for wherever the path leads me north of Florida for about 4 months. Trying to determine how to reconfigure the bed/ couch combo to mirror what you did. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished your daytime setup?


    1. That’s amazing!! Congrats on taking off on such a fun journey! I got the idea for the split bed from a fellow Basecamp owner. If you join the Airstream Basecamp facebook group and search “bed conversion” he goes into all the details of how to do it. It’s very easy to do if you can get access to a saw. Have a safe journey!!


  4. Fantastic!!!

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  5. Your journey is so uplifting. I love your style of story telling and your especially your style of travel. To be fulltiming in BC is so fantastic and incredible, but as I’m always reminded it’s not what your fulltiming in, it’s the passion you exude from your travels. I wish safe travels and amazing journeys.


    1. Thank you so much Nathan! Your words truly mean a lot.


  6. Can you do a blogpost on your telecommunications set up for work?
    Thank you!


    1. Hello! I have a post up about the internet access (https://tailsofwanderlust.com/2019/04/10/working-a-full-time-corporate-job-on-the-road/). Let me know what other info you would like and I can start working on it!


  7. Peter Morch

    I think it’s wonderful what you are doing and the enjoyment you derive from it. One question though. If you were travelling with a companion, would you still choose the Basecamp? If not, what would you choose based on the criteria you used for the Basecamp?


    1. Hi Peter! If I was traveling with a companion and still had the two animals, I would absolutely get something a bit bigger than the Basecamp. I haven’t done much research on larger RVs since my tow vehicle wouldn’t pull them, so I’m not sure which larger RVs would fit all of my criteria. But I do like Airstream due to how they hold their value and the more modern look, so would most likely look at ~25′ models. Otherwise some friends have an Outdoors RV which is great for boondocking and has very large tanks, so would look into those as well.


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