Sleeping in a Walmart Parking Lot: Is it safe for a solo female?

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to sleep in a Walmart parking lot, you’re going to want to tune into this video.

Similar to Cracker Barrels or truck stops, Walmart parking lots are often used by RVers to break up long road trips. Although it’s a common practice in the RV world, there are a lot of questions about parking at Walmart with an RV, such as ease of finding a spot and safety. 

Before hitting the road, or while on the road, one app that’s helpful to have on your phone is RV Parky. This app lets you look up parking lots where you can spend the night that are near your location. There are also reviews you can use to help decide whether a parking lot feels safe or if you might want to keep driving a little further to stay somewhere a little safer.

Some Walmart parking lots allow trucks to park overnight as well. If you’ve never parked near a semi-truck overnight, know this — they’re loud. They will often run their generators overnight, which can make it harder to sleep if you’re sensitive to sound. I like to park as far away from the trucks as possible for this reason.

When picking a spot, I also like to look for one that’s well lit but isn’t right underneath the lights. That’ll help keep your rig darker without sacrificing safety. Likewise, when you’re out walking at night, staying close to the lights will help you feel safer. Fortunately, many RVers and use Walmart parking lots for quick overnight stays, so when you see you others roll in, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be alone for the night. 

Check out the full video for more tips and apps for staying overnight in parking lots on long drives. 

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