How to Make Coffee on the Road

When I first hit the road back in 2017, making a good cup of coffee every morning was a struggle. At the time, I was living in AirBnBs or out of the back of my 4Runner. That meant some days I had no refrigeration (say goodby creamer!). Other days, I would struggle with being able to boil water. Since I need my morning cup of coffee in order to function, coffee was one of the first things I needed to figure out!

Enter the Primula Brew Buddy. I had been searching for coffee makers on Amazon and this small device came up in the search. It looked easy enough to use, and at under $10, I decided to give it a try.

The Brew Buddy can be used as a pour over coffee maker, or similar to a tea bag, to let the coffee steep. I find using both methods makes the best cup of coffee. Simply, fill your mug about 3/4 of the way full with hot water (I use a Yeti Tumbler). Then, rest the Brew Buddy inside the mug and fill it up with coffee grounds. Take some of the remaining hot water and pour it over the top of the grounds, which will slowly absorb the water and drain into the mug. Repeat this step a couple more times until the mug is full.

At this point, leave the Brew Buddy on the mug for about 5 minutes to let the coffee steep. If you want a stronger cup of coffee, try leaving it for a longer period of time. After 5 minutes, remove the Brew Buddy and you’re done! One fresh cup of coffee!

The best part is the cleanup. You can simply drop the grounds from the Brew Buddy into the garbage. Then with a simple rinse, it’s ready to put away. It also folds down extremely small making it perfect for my tiny kitchen.

Since I rely on coffee every morning, I use this method to brew coffee in the RV, when camping out of the 4Runner, and even if I’m traveling in AirBnBs. Usually it is easy enough to find a place to make hot water, and the Brew Buddy makes it easy to do the rest anywhere. After 3 years, I still use this method every day.

If you are interested in the full tips & tricks of making coffee this way, check out the video below.


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    Ha… ordered a couple from Amazon right after I caught your video. Then filled up my yeti tumbler… always thinking cold drinks… with boiling water and 6 hours later very hot to the touch. This will be a very nice addition as sometimes I travel in a 23 ft RV but converting a van now to travel in some… pandemic project! Thanks for tip!

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    1. Really glad it helped, and hope you enjoy the Brew Buddies!

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