How To Make Money While Traveling in an RV with @1StrangeAdventure

Curious how to make money while traveling in an RV? Harold and Cindy from 1StrangeAdventure have been full-timing in their RV since January 2021. They travel with their two children who attend an online academy as well as their three dogs. I was able to sit down (actually stand, since I have a stand up desk) with Harold and Cindy and learn about their careers and how they manage as digital nomads.

If you are interested in the full interview, check out the video below. This is part of the new “Working on the Road” series, in which I interview other digital nomads to learn how they manage to bring their work with them as they travel. My favorite question from the series is whether or not their employers know they live in a RV. In Harold & Cindy’s case, the answer is yes!

Harold has worked for his company for almost 20 years. Throughout this time he worked his way up and built a solid trust and reputation amongst his co-workers. He is currently a Process Manager for a large corporation and used to work your standard 9-5 office job. However, in March 2020, he and all of his co-workers went remote for the first time due to COVID-19. Being remote opened up the possibility of travel, and as they say, the rest is history.

Cindy works for a very small business and was able to negotiate her remote work as well as a flexible schedule. She manages all of accounting & HR for a small collision repair shop, all while living on the road! It was very interesting to hear how she worked with the owner to set up servers and an online system for her to access the files. Not only did this allow her remote lifestyle, but it also created several benefits for the company itself. In the end, the company found it was well worth the investment.

We also discuss how this family of 4 accesses wifi while on the road. Between their full-time jobs, the kid’s online high school academy, and then your regular streaming and gaming, their family’s monthly data usage averages around 400GB per month. For wifi hotspots, this amount of data can be hard to find. Through their LLC for 1StrangeAdventure, they were able to get business service for AT&T and also have a Verizon cellular hotspot. Between these two devices, they have enough data for the whole family.

This was one of my favorite interviews for the series, as Harold and Cindy are a lot of fun to talk to. Their 2021 Grand Design Momentum 399 is a gorgeous fifth wheel travel trailer, and they have turned the rear garage into an amazing master bedroom suite. If you would like all of the details on how this family of four makes a living on the road, check out the video below.

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