Pet Seat Belts for Road Trips

One of the things that took the longest to figure out, was how to keep Napoleon and Jasper comfortable, yet safe, on our long trips.  Some days we may be in the car only an hour, others up to fifteen!  So after some trial and error, here is the low-down on our current set-up.


  1. Napoleon has his own Pet Booster Seat (or throne depending on who you ask).  It is actually meant for dogs, but works great for cats as well.  It’s quite large and plush.  Simply pick up the center cushion and feed the seatbelt through in order to secure the seat.  The cushion provides a decent amount of comfort; however, I also place an additional blanket on top of this.  This has helped keep the seat clean during prior accidents (Napoleon can get a bit car sick at times).
  2. Jasper has a Kurgo Crash Tested Harness. It starts with a heavier duty harness which says it will support up to 75lbs in a crash.  This harness then attaches via carabiners to the Kurgo Zipline which is attached to the seat belts in the back seat.  This provides an adjustable line for the car.  If the weather is good, I will give Jasper enough slack to sit on the center console with us.  If I need him to stay in the backseat, as in poor weather or heavy traffic, I just shorten the leash and voila!

Thankfully, we haven’t tested these products in a crash. But knowing that the boys are properly secured when we travel does give me piece of mind on our journey.

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  1. Do you have the small or large one? I want to get BoBo set up similar!

    1. The large one, because Napoleon is a diva 🤣

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